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Otepää 14 hours rogaining training

Vieta: Otepää


Kategorija: starptautisks

Apraksts: The start time is 24 June 19:00 and finish 25 June 9:00. So 14-hours of rogaining through night. The waterproof maps will be in scale of 1:40000 with 5m height differences. There will be 30 control points (CP) with values of 2-4-6 points. The results will be published on our website www.jooksutuur.ee and there will be a possibility to analyse the routes. The classes are MO, WO and XO. The number of participants in a team is 2-3 persons. Every team must have one SI-card for marking the CP-s. Since it is a training, there will be no price givings. Before and after the race, the showers/sauna and WC-s are available for the use in Tehvandi Sports Center (http://tehvandi.ee/spordirajatised/tehvandi-staadionihoone). After the race, athletes can also have a light meal (soup, sweets) all inclusive. The charge for the training is 30 euros per face.

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