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Meeting With IOF President

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2015 12:58 pm
by guntars
Zemāk IRF prezidenta Ričarda Robinsona ziņa saistībā ar rogainingu un IOF
On Tuesday 23 June I met with the President of the International Orienteering Federation (IOF), Brian Porteous. I had requested the meeting following the move by Russia at the IOF’s 2014 Congress to seek to have the IOF take on worldwide responsibility for Rogaining and the discussion on this subject at the IRF meeting in South Dakota last August. Brian was also very keen for the meeting as evidenced by his ready willingness to travel 3 hours each way to meet me at a time and place convenient to me

Key outcomes/points:
· Brian is a very practical and pragmatic individual with a background in sports management and has been orienteering since he was a teenager
· The IOF Presidency is an honorary role but they do have a paid Secretariat of, I think, three staff. Until recently their HQ was in the same building as the Finnish Orienteering Federation and they utilised the FOF’s resources quite a lot
· The IOF is currently constituted under Finnish law as the Secretary-General resided there (for the past 18 years), They have just appointed a new S-G who resides in Sweden and intend to change their jurisdiction to Sweden as a result. I don’t think such an approach is the best one for the IRF. I feel we need to find a jurisdiction that works for us universally irrespective of where Executive members and administrators reside
· I provided some background on Rogaining and how it differed markedly from orienteering despite superficial similarities
· The move by Russia to take over responsibility for Rogaining he felt was both part of a domestic Russian issue and, to a greater extent, part of a move being driven by (mainly) Spain and Portugal to take over responsibility for Adventure Racing. Brian said that there was very little support in the IOF Council for either of these moves
· Brian stated that the IOF currently had four disciplines; foot, ski, MTB and Trail and that they were really struggling to keep development of these progressing. Thus, taking on more disciplines was not, in his view, either practical or in the best interests of the IOF or orienteering
· He noted that getting orienteering into the Olympic Games has long been a goal of the IOF and that this was the main focus of their energy and efforts. He noted that under his tenure this goal was 100% focused on getting ski-O into the Winter Olympics as he felt it was impractical to get foot-O into the summer Olympics as the competition was fierce and the competitors much better funded
· He was quite clear that he would be strongly against any move for the IOF to attempt to take on responsibility for Rogaining (or AR) and would continue to lobby internally in the IOF that way. He said that the only thing that would change his view would be if Rogaining tried to compete with Orienteering for Olympic status. I assured him that doing so would be quite counter to the nature of Rogaining and I would personally strongly resist any attempt to move into the IOF’s “space”
· He noted that the IOF conduct a Congress every two years with the next one due in 2016. He advised that he would be extremely surprised if the subject of Rogaining was raised at all at the 2016 Congress
· He agreed that the two of us would remain in regular contact and that he let me know if there was any discussion/suggestion from any of the IOF’s members regarding the IOF looking to try to take over responsibility for rogaining

I thought the meeting was extremely valuable and cordial and will maintain a regular contact with Brian going forward
I would be pleased to respond to any queries that anyone might have


Re: Meeting With IOF President

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2015 3:20 pm
by Andris Miglavs
Saprotu, ka tā (neiekļaut) varētu būt "ērti" IOF-am un patīkami Robinsona kungam. Un tāpēc kungi tik labi sapratās...
Tomēr, ja runājam par rogaininga kā sporta attīstību, tad mana iekšējo sajūtu loģika saka, ka darbības konsolidācija varētu atnest vien abpusējus ieguvumus. Pat saprotot un pieņemot, ka rogainingu nevirzītu uz Olimpic games sastāvdaļas sporta veida statusa iegūšanu.
Un, grozi kā gribi- skaidrojot rogaininga būtību pilnīgajiem nezinīšiem, sarunā lietojam jēdzienu "orientēšanās"... Kaut arī oficiālā IRF definīcija ir "Rogaining is the sport of long distance cross-country navigation".
Bet - OK. Forši, ka vīri parunājušies. Un nav sastrīdējušies...

Re: Meeting With IOF President

Posted: Sun Jul 05, 2015 8:38 pm
by guntars
Neskatoties uz vairākuma rogaininga aktīvistu diezgan negatīvo nostāju, man joprojām šķiet, ka Pētera A. ideja par pietiekami nopietnu promo/demo pasākumu (varbūt pat, piemēram, EČ) Latvijas WOC 2018 ( laikā ar startu un finišu WRC arēnā ir laba. Neskatoties pat uz nepiemēroto sac. rajonu un citiem ierobežojumiem. Tas varbūt arī būtu veids kā nedaudz tuvināt IRF un IOF..