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The Name of Our Sport

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The Name of Our Sport

Post by guntars » Mon Oct 31, 2016 9:38 am

During the meeting held the day before the recent WRC one of the US representatives noted that the name/brand Rogaine and Rogaining had some real challenges in their market because of the confusion with a popular brand of hair restorer. They noted that rogaining events in the US are generally marketed under a different name that they felt better described the sport

Bud Laird, in an article in the current edition of Orienteering North America, makes the same point and notes that rogaining has been branded as “Navigation Racing” and “Map Trekking” among other things in the US in recent times

For at least the past 15 years I have been involved in quite a number of discussions, initiated by others, regarding the suitability of the word Rogaine and Rogaining as the name and brand for our sport. These discussions have generally centred on a view that the current name is meaningless to anyone from outside the sport and particularly to people who come from locations where Rogaining is not regularly practised

Personally I feel I can see both sides of the debate and I don’t have a strongly held opinion in support of either side. The current name and branding has served the sport well for 40 years and has good brand recognition and (generally) acceptance amongst our participants. In mature markets like Australia it also has reasonable brand recognition in the broader community

However, the current name/brand is easily confused with a well-known brand of hair restorer, a factor more relevant in some markets than in others. The current name/brand also is essentially meaningless to people not already familiar with the sport which may be an impediment to growth and development

I encourage all Councillors and Observers to discuss this matter within your own rogaining networks and provide feedback to Council regarding this question.
I repeat that I am not advocating a change but nor am I philosophically opposed to one. However, the issue has been raised, it has been raised on multiple occasions from a range of sources and I feel that we should discuss it


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Re: The Name of Our Sport

Post by Emils » Mon Oct 31, 2016 10:39 am

Manuprāt vajadzētu saglabāt esošo nosaukumu. Ja tiktu mainīts nosaukums uz kaut ko, kas labāk apraksta sportu, tas nozīmē, ka katrā valstī tas visdrīzāk sauktos savādāk, jo būtu jātulko vai katram jāizdomā savs, un pazustu savā ziņā tāda vienotība. Manuprāt, tas pat ir labi, ka nosaukums neko pats par sevi nenozīmē, jo to ir vieglāk globalizēt.

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Re: The Name of Our Sport

Post by cheerchils » Fri Dec 09, 2016 6:40 pm

Njā daudzi sākumā var uziet uz matu līdzekļa nekā iz īstās štelles :D